Holding Kennels

I know some of our customers have already had the pleasure of using the holding kennels on arrival and when departing the kennels.


So this is how they work and our reasoning behind them…


On arrival we welcome customers into the office where all the paperwork is checked and information is taken regarding feeding requirements, any medication, sociability and general needs and likes for your dogs, this is imperative to ensuring a happy stay. We then move into the holding kennels where there is a comfy bed, a bowl of water and a welcome treat (if they’re allowed!), a big fuss and goodbye’s are made.

The pupsters stay in the holding kennel until their ‘room’ is ready, half an hour to an hour tops. The dogs belongings and all the information we gathered previously is then taken into the main kennel block where we can then set up their room exactly to their requirements, information about our guests is then written on a board outside the kennel so that all staff are fully aware of whose in residence!


Once our guests are ready to go home all the above is then done in reverse order which means staff can then gather all belongings ready for departure, the now empty ‘room’ can be cleaned and sanitised ready for the next guest. The holding kennels are proving to be an absolute god send to our customers and staff alike and I’m sure you’ll all agree!!

If you’d like to find out more about our boarding kennels, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help. Call Us: 01282 696688