Pet Health

Help is at Hand

While every measure is taken to provide your pet with the very best care when staying with us, health problems are a possibility. Should anything occur whilst you’re away we have a set procedure in place to take swift action. In the event of this, yourself or the main contact you have left with us will be informed immediately and if necessary we will take your dog to your own vet.

Taking The Best Care

It’s vital to us that all of our guests are kept healthy and happy which is why we require valid vaccination certificates to ensure your dog is covered by annual boosters and the kennel cough vaccination. By taking these steps our pet accommodation provides a safe and healthy environment for all.


If your dog requires daily medicine we are more than happy to administrate and care for them, but please be aware we will need a few things from you to make this possible:


  • Arrange for adequate supplies of the medicine in advance
  • Bring the supplies with you
  • Provide full administration instructions specific for your dog (instructions for some medicines can vary dog to dog)
If you have any questions regarding our pet accommodation, contact the team at Stainthwaite Boarding Kennels on 01282 696688